Videogame & Comic Artist

Changes in my webtoon workflow

During the pandemic and before Blue Tea, I was working on a webtoon called New Century Club.

This webtoon was located in a cyberpunk environment in which a lot of gadgets, science fiction architecture and action scenes. As a experienced comic artist I thought it could be interesting to make a first approach to the webtoon format in the same way I did with paperback comics.
How naive of me.

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Blue Tea would be on Webtoon

The development of Blue Tea, my next passion project after New Century Club, has been a roller coaster in the worst sense of the word: I was faced with a bad job experience that consumed my spirit slowly, in a way almost unnoticed. My usual wrist problem evolved in a epincodilitis that was trying to advise me to stop and the process of finally having a place to call home proved to be a struggle. It wasn’t until December that I had the opportunity to look back and see what has been of the project I put my tears and blood into.

It wasn’t as I expected.

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Introducing: Blue Tea

Blue Tea is my passion project, a webcomic born from the idea of scapism and liberation from the clutches of a dictated past,…

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