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Blue Tea would be on Webtoon

The development of Blue Tea, my next passion project after New Century Club, has been a roller coaster in the worst sense of the word: I was faced with a bad job experience that consumed my spirit slowly, in a way almost unnoticed. My usual wrist problem evolved in a epincodilitis that was trying to advise me to stop and the process of finally having a place to call home proved to be a struggle. It wasn’t until December that I had the opportunity to look back and see what has been of the project I put my tears and blood into.

It wasn’t as I expected.

It dissapointed me the amount of mistakes I made while developing the pages. It frustrated me to see how visually my process was directly related to how hard my time was being. It was like seeing those evolving portraits of oneself becoming old, but in this case it was how my soul was withering.

2023 is a year to forget. I learned the hard way what I wanted and didn’t wanted in my life. One of the things is I don’t want to give up my webtoon, not even in a thousand years. I want Griselda to find the answers she seek, find the Furtive Witch and just recovering what she had lost.

That’s why I’m happily announcing that the development of Blue Tea is back! To celebrate we have new Promotional Art for the Issue 2.

I already opened my Patreon for those who wants to support me in exchange for the juicy parts of my development. This means timelapses, high quality illustrations and comic and/or webtoon pages, trivia of the world of Blue Tea, music playlists and NSFW art.

You read right, NSFW.

I am a timid soul brought up in a repressed environment, so the idea of creating NSFW art never crossed my mind when working on my original characters. However, sexuality is a part of ourselves and I think that by exploring this aspect of my characters I would be able to discover new things about them and, who knows? Maybe even about myself!

At least I want to give it a try this year, see where it leads.

I’m looking forward to re-discover Blue Tea with all of you this year!