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Introducing: Blue Tea

Blue Tea is my passion project, a webcomic born from the idea of scapism and liberation from the clutches of a dictated past, a puppet-creator culture based on roles.

It’s one of my most personal projects and an exposition to the expectations of adulthood in the XXI century through a veil of fantasy, mystery and horror.

It all starts with the beginning of a romance. In the farthest train of Ireland there is a young boy who falls in love at first sight with a mysterious girl from Dublin. What he doesn’t know is that strange things happened around the woman, like tea shining and butterflies surrounding her.
What is her secret? Why does she come to the town? Will he be able to discover those secrets before his love became an obsession…?

Blue Tea Webcomic Sneak Peek 2
Blue Tea Webcomic Sneak Peek 1

There is already a chapter online that you all can read. It has been drawn in a ‘standard comic format’, which is not very comfortable for mobile phones and it lead me to believe it deserves a webtoon version, which would be my goal of the year.

Last year I wasn’t able to continue the story in a satisfactory way due to certain personal situations, however, mi intention is to reach chapter 2 and, if possible, 3. This means 100 pages or more…

I hope to have your support in this! You can know more about the project in his section in the web.