Videogame & Comic Artist



Anabel Reina | Jan 2, 1994 | Spain

Anabel is a Spanish Video game and Comic Artist. She works as a Senior 2D/3D Artist on daylight and Webcomic Artist at night. At the moment she’s working on two projects: Blue Tea, a dark fantasy webcomic in an ominous forest of the coast of Ireland and Setting Moon, a survival horror videogame based on the legends of her hometown.

Anabel graduated in 2016 in Fine Arts by the University of Malaga, in Spain. After that, she specialized with a Master in VR Videogames before setting a foot in the industry, in which she has been working mostly on Mobile and VR Games. Her roles included Technical Art, 2D Art, 3D Art, UI/UX and Art Direction, which passionates her the most. 

She can be found at events in Spain like Japan Weekend or Expotaku, where she likes to connect with fans and sell her artworks. Digital communities like Faneo or Tapas, where she posts her webcomic Blue Tea, are the perfect place to find her.

In addition to digital painting and solodeving, Anabel likes to go to strolls through the industrial forest, read novels in different languages or play with her rabbit pet, Abigor.

Selected awards, achievements, and press

  • 2nd position in Salón Manga Barcelona Short Comic Contest 2020
  • Illustrator in the Fanzine Á la Mode – 2021
  • Illustrator in the Fanzine dedicated to Ariana Grande’s career – 2022