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Anabel Reina’s March

Monthly Update March

As promised, I created a blog in order to help you -and me, while we’re at it- to keep up with all the projects ongoing, Blue Tea, Setting Moon, new art, upcoming events and my upcoming shop, in which I will sell from time to time prints of my work.

In addition to this, I am creating a subscribe button in which you’ll get a notification each time I update this blog. Nice, isn’t it?

Since the problems with Twitter arose I’ve been looking for ways to communicate better with you. It will be fair to say that we are facing a twilight of the career of the social media’s monarchs, specially on the art’s side. Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart and Artstation have, from a way or another, failed their goal to protect their community. If you’re into comics, you will know how Tapas and Line Webtoon are not in their best moment, too.

When facing complicate times like this, it’s better to retreat. Find our place to rest, our personal nest. Our celestial haven.

This will be mine, and I’m thankful to all the people who are here, and the ones who are to come. There will be monthly posts like this, to accompany my activity in social media and reach you with all the content I’m preparing for the following months.

Art Update


This year has two new things: a new valkyrie illustration and a new business card design!

I’m sure you are all familiar with the blue and white valkyrie design, and even though I promised a new color palette for the next creature, the need of an update of my business card led to an update of my blue-winged warrior. The name of the new art is Constant, because the only constant that I have in life…if that I fly.

Valkyrie Portrait Constance Blog Version
Business Cards Blog Version

Blue Tea

Tomorrow, if everything goes well, I’ll update the 9th and 10th page of the first issue of my webcomic Blue Tea. I am so happy for the development until now, thank you all for your support!
It is true that due to the bad news about Tapas’s predatory behaviour of contract artist I am not quite sure if I want to continue uploading my project in the platform. It’s not the first time they have tried to obtain the rights of the comics uploaded there, and this makes me really insecure.
You can find Blue Tea in:

Blue Tea Webcomic Sneak Peek 1
Blue Tea Webcomic Sneak Peek 2
Blue Tea Webcomic Sneak Peek 3

Setting Moon

The videogame I’m solodeving in my spare time, Setting Moon(Luna Poniente), is still in its early stages. After the Game Design Document for the prototype was done, I started with the preproduction stage. The first stage was Concept Art.

Here you can see an exploration of the hair of the main character, Ana, a young girl who gets trapped in a small, haunted town of Malaga…

Ana Face Concept Art Blog

Upcoming Events

Not any events at the moment due to buying a new house and taking care of Abigor, my rabbit pet, who has overcome a complicated surgery. However, I’m looking forward to the end of the summer to start attending events again in Spain and, if we’re lucky, in Europe.

Abigor Bunny Rabbit


I have finally decided to create a space in which I can sell my art. You will see a new section on my website that is still in process, and it will be my shop. There I will sell prints and stickers for Spain while I figure out how to ship safely outside my country.

If you’re not from Spain you can find my art in InPrnt and RedBubble. Both links can be found in the Shop section.

Sailor Moon Inner Senshis Stickers
White Nest

And that would be all for this month...

That would be all for this month.

Thank you for your support and feel free to reach out my nest any time you had a question or wants to leave any feedback.

If you want to support Blue Tea feel free to join my Patreon. See you next month!

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