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Changes in my webtoon workflow

During the pandemic and before Blue Tea, I was working on a webtoon called New Century Club. This webtoon was located in a cyberpunk environment in which a lot of gadgets, science fiction architecture and action scenes. As a experienced comic artist I thought it could be interesting to make a first approach to the webtoon format in the same way I did with paperback comics. How naive of me...

Blue Tea would be on Webtoon

The development of Blue Tea, my next passion project after New Century Club, has been a roller coaster in the worst sense of the word: I was faced with a bad job experience that consumed my spirit slowly, in a way almost unnoticed. My usual wrist problem evolved in a epincodilitis that was trying to advise me to stop and the process of finally having a place to call home proved to be a struggle. It wasn't until December that I had the opportunity to look back and see what has been of the project...

Introducing: Blue Tea

Blue Tea is my passion project, a webcomic born from the idea of scapism and liberation from the clutches of a dictated past...

My Inprnt Shop

My mail is always full with people asking how to obtain my prints, specially those related to my environment art. First of all...thank you to all for the constant support you're all giving to my art and for buying my prints! Secondly, I finally made up my mind about the format I want to approach with prints, specially since these years shipping them overseas has become quite an adventure...

We’re back in 2024

Hello everyone, How are you? I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful 2024 thus far. Mine ended a little gray – my lateral epicondylitis increased enough for me to sincerely stop all activities related to drawing for a while...

Anabel Reina’s March

As promised, I created a blog in order to help you -and me, while we’re at it- to keep up with all the...

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